Antioxidants, Inflammation and Free Radicals…What does it all Mean?

We hear these words thrown around a lot these days. As we become more health conscious as a society, these words are used more and more in conversations. What do we know? Antioxidants are good, inflammation is bad and free radicals??? They just sound bad! Let’s start with Free Radicals…might as well get the really … Read more

Essential Oil Perfume

There are thousands of chemicals used in the perfume and fragrance industry.  Most of the chemicals used in today’s perfumes are unlisted and many of which have not been tested for toxicity either alone, or in combination. The majority of these chemicals (over 80% are petrochemicals) are irritants to both the skin and lungs and … Read more

Wild Wednesday!!! (May 18)

This weeks Wild Wednesday we are offering our 12pk 5/8 Drams for $5.45!! These are fantastic  for handing out samples of your favorite Essential Oils and fits perfectly into our sample key chain carrying cases. Great for travel!!!

Wild Wednesday!! (May 11)

It’s Wild Wednesday!!! This week get our 6 pack 3ml UV Coated Roller Bottles for just $5.45. These UV coated glass bottles are a convenient way to carry your favorite oils.  Not only are they   beautiful, but the UV ink used in the coating of these bottles has low to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). … Read more

Gardening With Essential Oils

With spring finally here, if you’re like us you are probably anxious to get your hands dirty in the garden preparing for the season ahead. With all of the hard work that goes into making your garden beautiful, nothing is more frustrating than watching the fruits of your labour being destroyed by pests as they … Read more

Mother’s Day Sale!!!

In honor of all of the Mothers out there, this SALE is for you!!! This week check out all of our great deals from Aromatherapy Pendants, to All Things Spring Tear Pads, and even our beautiful Black and White Essential Oil Carry Pouches. Come find a special gift for the mother in your life!